New Updated Website Coming Soon…

New Updated Website Coming Soon… Announcements Upcoming…

Several new game titles will be added including new graphics and pictures.

Two Daggers In The Heart: Smolensk-Yelnia, 1941.

Battles of the American Civil War (Antietam, Cedar Creek, Chancellorsville, Chantilly, Chickamauga, Gettysburg, Murfreesboro and Shiloh) by Greg Harmon.

A Distant Thunder: Campaigns and Battles of the Anglo-Dutch Wars at Sea, 1652-1674 by Grailing Jones.

Campaign To Victory: 1914 In The West (4 map monster).

Fall Barbarossa: 1941-1942 (multi-map monster)  and (Add-on:) Not A Step Backwards!! 1942-1943.

The War For Freedom: American Civil War, 1861-1865 (6 map mega-monster).


Thanks for your interest – Greg

We’re back from ConSim World Expo 2014

We’re please to report that we had a good showing of Conquistador at MonsterCon XIV in Tempe, AZ.

Here is a short preview of Conquistador shot at the Con by Enrico Viglino AKA Calandale
who “saved the most interesting for last;” the Conquistador preview with the Developer Ralph Loewen.